Temporary Dentures are ideal for those people who are waiting to get their permanent dentures, but do not want to have holes in their mouth for that time being. Temporary Dentures are not very expensive, and the results are immediate and short-term. Temporary Dentures are made before the natural teeth are removed so that they can immediately be installed after tooth extraction. A mold is taken of the teeth and gums, and the mold is then sent away to be made into Temporary Dentures. This should not take more than two visits to your dentist. When the Temporary Dentures are ready, you can make an appointment with your dentist to get your teeth extracted. After the natural tooth is extracted, the prefabricated tooth is put into the socket. This is painless since the area is still numb from extraction. Because the gum is swollen from the extraction, the denture should fit well in the mouth. As the swelling goes down, the gum and bone shrink and even change shape, which then keeps the denture in place. These Temporary Dentures only last for about three to six months, at which time the more permanent set of dentures will be put in place of the temporary ones.

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