As we age, and expose our white teeth to a barrage of common everyday stainers, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, juices, sodas, and artificial coloring contained in many foods, our teeth become discolored, often yellow-looking. As society became increasingly obsessed with our appearance, the dental industry responded. In the past 20 years or so, a slew of dentists have decided to specialize in cosmetic dentistry, with a main focus on whitening. From here, companies have developed whose sole purpose is to provide whitening services and products outside the dental office.

Teeth whitening companies are multi-branch or franchise companies who provided in-house whitening procedures or at-home whitening products promises either better, more affordable, or more easily accessible whitening results than that of over-the-counter products or whitening procedures performed by a dentist in a dental office. These companies have a variety of options, including one-time whitening procedures, packs of whitening visits to maintain the initial whitening procedure, and at home whitening pens, trays, strips, and films that whiten teeth.

The benefit of whitening companies is that patients do not need to wait for an opening at their dentist's office. Since few insurance companies cover the cost of whitening procedures, the procedure done in the dental office not only charges for the services rendered, but the dentists' time itself. Teeth whitening companies may have one dentist on staff, but can provide whitening procedures simultaneously to many more patients, thus reducing the cost to the consumer. By having the dentist in-house to monitor the procedures, teeth whitening companies can offer clinical-strength bleaches and whiteners.

Teeth whitening companies offer an alternative to other whitening routes, such as over-the-counter whitening products, and whitening procedures performed in dental practices. Teeth whitening companies have experienced a surge in popularity over previous years as society becomes more aware of the subtleties of their appearance.

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