One of the most common problems with dentures is the fit. Dentures are extremely different than having your natural teeth. It takes some time to get used to having them in your mouth. At first, eating and talking can be difficult tasks. As time passes you will get more and more used to the dentures being in your mouth, and you will learn how to talk and eat with them.

Another common problem that some denture wearers experience is a dry mouth or excessive saliva. Dentists suggest drinking a lot of water to help cure this problem. Frequently sipping water can help to wash away an over production of saliva, leaving your mouth feeling clean and no longer parched.

Even after you first get your dentures, your gums may feel tired and sore. If this does occur, you can massage your gums. You can do this numerous times throughout the day, and it will relieve any discomfort you may have been feeling. It also keeps your gums firm.

When people experience the slipping and sliding of their dentures, their first instinct is to reach for an adhesive to keep them in place. As you keep adding adhesive, it build up between the gums and the base of the dentures. This can wear away the gum and bone. It can also create bacteria that can cause an infection. If the problem is persistent, visit your dentist so that he/she can fix the problem. is a very popular website that provides reliable information to those who visit. The site tries to address the many problems that people may encounter with their dentures. The site also allows you to find a dentist near you, and answers frequently asked questions that many denture wearers may have. To learn more, visit their site here: is a website that is dedicated to helping you with any denture problems you should find yourself having. The site provides denture solutions that you can rectify yourself, as well as information about professionals that will be able to help your problem. If you are experiencing denture problems, visit the site here:

NLM.NIH.Gov is a government run website that provides trusted information for any health problems and concerns you may have. The site features an article on denture problems, and ways you may be able to solve these problems. If the tips they give you do not seem to work, you should always visit your dentist. Visit their website for more information:

The American Dental Association is a very trusted organization that provides information on many dental procedures. Their website,, features an article on denture problems, more specifically, frequently asked questions. This is sure to be useful to those experiencing any kind of denture problems. You can visit the site here: