A Dental Plan company is not a dental insurance company. Rather, it's an organizational plan that offers discounted services to members. Dental plans are companies that have pre-established relationships with providers of dental services, including family dentists, cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists. Dentists provide dramatically reduced services in return for the facilitating dental plan company to direct patients to their practices.

For the consumer, a dental plan is a good alternative to dental insurance. In this economy, more and more companies are discontinuing portions of their benefit plans, and the first to go is often dental care. Instead, a consumer can pay a fee to belong to a Dental Plan, show their card at dental practices, and receive a discounted price. This is beneficial for individuals and families alike, as so many dental procedures are costly, but nonetheless absolutely necessary.

For companies who may be facing the decision to cut dental insurance benefits, Dental Plan memberships might be a reasonable option that will keep their employees happy and healthy. By offering to pay the membership fee, it saves money on insurance premiums, and puts more financial responsibility on the patient. However, it still alleviates the need for the patient - the employee - to pay entirely out of pocket for the procedure.

Dental Plan companies are an alternative to dental insurance. Consumers pay a membership fee to belong to an organization. In return, dental practices offer dental services at a discounted rate. Patients pay at the time of service, but sometimes far less than half of the average cost for the service.

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