Dental Insurance companies are corporate organizations that offer reimbursement, either directly to the dentist or to the patient, for services rendered involving dental cleanings, procedures, surgeries, and cosmetic procedures, such as whitening and orthodontics. Most often, dental insurance companies charge a yearly premium to belong, and then require the insured patient to cover a small portion, or a copay, in addition to the premium costs. In return, these companies pay for the dental procedure conducted. The advantage of this is that the dental patient is not required to pay out of pocket at the time for the services rendered, and often, large and costly procedures that would other be unaffordable to many patients take place.

The two most common types of dental insurance are Preferred Provider Organizations, or Dental Health Maintenance Organizations. Both are considered managed health care programs, which is corporate run. Preferred Provider Organizations essentially work within a three-party system, and as such health care is provided at a reduced rate. For the consumer, or patient, this means they have a network of providers from whom to choose to receive services. Dental Health Maintenance Organizations offer reimbursement only to providers who have agreed to provide said services in accordance with the Health Maintenance Organizations guidelines. In return, these HMO's offer a regular clientele of members who will become patients at these dental offices.

For the consumer, it is a good idea to have dental insurance. Most importantly, most insurance covers regular dental maintenance, including cleanings and other routine dental issues. But it's often the bigger procedures where dental insurance will be most beneficial. These procedures are often quite costly, but nonetheless necessary, and insurance often covers a sizeable portion of these procedures.

Dental Insurance companies supply reimbursement for dental services to the patient. By paying a yearly premium, the patient is able to go to the dentist, pay a nominal copay at the time of the procedure, and have the services covered, therefore eliminating the need for the patient to pay full price out of pocket at the time of the service.

  • Delta Dental Insurance
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    • Cigna is a multi-faceted health insurance company offering dental insurance coverage.
  • MetLife
    • MetLife offers quality and affordable dental insurance nationwide.
  • Guardian Life
    • Guardian Life insurance offers group dental benefits and assists you in locating participating dentists.
  • United Concordia
    • Understanding the benefit of good dental health, United Concordia brings affordable and quality dental insurance.
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    • Ameritas offers several types of health insurance, including dental insurance benefits.
  • E-Health Insurance
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